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Tips for Sellers

Our top three points of emphasis at Higgins are Communication, Marketing and Negotiation.

Jan. 1, 2011

If you are considering Selling your home, we offer these simple tips to help guide you through the process:

1. Work with an agent that you feel will communicate with you during what can be a long and challenging journey.

2. Price it right the first time! Many people consider the 2011 marketplace a “Buyer’s Market” and therefore pricing is everything. The most “action” on a listing is during the first 30 days. The biggest mistake a Seller can make is “chasing the market” instead of pricing the home to the realities of the market.

3. Be “buyer ready” , that is …. Clean, clean, clean, do small updates if you can, and paint. The cleanest, most updated homes sell the fastest in a buyer’s market!

4. Ask your agent for information and updates regarding home sales in your area – stay on top of the Market, because the Market will determine your price. Be realistic. If an offer comes in, spend quality time evaluating the offer before responding.

5. Have a Plan. Discuss with your agent what you will do if the house is not getting Showings during the first 30 days. After 30-45 days on the market, consider dropping the price slightly. This will increase the attention to your property and it might bring in buyers who could not afford your original list price.

6. Be Patient. Real estate is a complicated, finicky business – and often the stars need to be aligned for transactions to move forward.

Here are some Basic tips for tuning up your home before putting it on the Market!

  • Remember First Impressions are everything:
  • Make sure your front yard, driveway, sidewalk are neat and tidy.
  • Spackle, Caulk & Paint – Anyone can do it! Spackle holes, caulk windows and tile, paint trim. These tiny jobs give your home a finished, polished look.
  • Closets – Take out any seasonal items and pack away, Closets should not look crowded.
  • Outlet & Switch Covers – This is the all time cheapest fix! New and shiny covers throughout your home will really make it shine!
  • Lights…& More Lights- Make sure all bulbs work and lights are ON for showings. Replace bulbs with clear, high watt bulbs to make your rooms stand out!

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