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North Stamford’s Idyllic Communities

The northernmost section of Stamford is just a stone’s throw away from the border of New York. Here, you’ll find mature trees, grand old estates, and a chance to explore the remains of Connecticut’s majestic forests. Let’s get to know some of the communities under zip code 06903.

North Stamford

Less densely populated than its counterparts in central Stamford, the hilly and wooded area that is North Stamford is verdant and pristine. Those who are used to the buzz of the city may need to take some time to get used to the community’s secluded feel, but the peace and beauty of the area always wins even the most hardened urbanite’s heart over.

Most of the lots in North Stamford have one-acre zoning and an additional two to three-acre parcel of land, leaving plenty of space for residents and homebuilders to build an outbuilding or four. This makes North Stamford quite special and the neighborhood can be the location of your primary residence or vacation home.

A small scattering of farmhouses aside, North Stamford of today is popular among those who work in NYC, Downtown Stamford or Greenwich. Its woodlands provide seclusion from the rest of the world, while its access to Merritt Parkway can easily connect you to the “real world.”

It’s not just estates and woodlands in North Stamford. Drive around to discover pool clubs, the Stamford Museum and Nature Center, and the Bartlett Arboretum and Gardens.

Long Ridge

Rural and romantic, the Long Ridge Village Historic District in North Stamford is home to a collection of historic homes that showcase a variety of architectural movements. Federal, Colonial, Italianate, Vernacular, Early American, and Greek Revival dwellings are scattered throughout the neighborhood, which is located approximately eight miles from Stamford Downtown. Like the rest of North Stamford, Long Ridge enjoys plenty of shade from mature trees.


Located near Scofieldtown Park, the neighborhood of Scofieldtown is situated in the eastern portion of North Stamford. Single-family homes and parcels of land are often found in this wooded area, whose trees are set ablaze with color come autumn. Federal and Colonial-style residences are dotted throughout the area, as is common in most North Stamford neighborhoods, and there are numerous cul-de-sacs. From here, you can access the 17-acre Scofieldtown Park.

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