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Neighborhood Feature: Daniels Farm

The New England community of Trumbull in Fairfield County is home to many exceptional neighborhoods. In today’s neighborhood feature, we shine the spotlight on Daniels Farm. Here are a couple of things you need to know about this established locale.

  1. Daniels Farm is essentially a long stretch of road.

    The neighborhood of Daniels Farm is centered on Daniel Farms Road, which is connected to Moose Hill Road (north) and Church Hill Road (south). A part of the Henry Mucci Highway even passes through the neighborhood, near its southern terminus.

    With this in mind, choosing to live in Daniels Farm puts you in a highly accessible area. Its convenient location is just one of the many reasons that make Daniels Farm one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Trumbull.

  2. Some of the best schools in Trumbull are in Daniels Farm.

    Another draw that makes Daniels Farm such an attractive place to live in is the fact that it is home to some of the best schools in town.

    Daniels Farm School is one public schools managed by Trumbull School District that is located in the neighborhood. Just recently, it was named by Connecticut State Department of Education as a “School of Distinction” for the 2016-2017 academic year. Daniels Farm School serves students from kindergarten to fifth grade.

    Another renowned school in Daniels Farm is Hillcrest Middle School, which serves students from sixth through eighth grade. Also managed by Trumbull School District, Hillcrest was recognized with the Spotlight School Award by the New England League of Middle Schools for its academic excellence and.

  3. Daniels Farm is home to a tight-knit community.

    In Daniels Farm, residents know each other quite well. In fact, majority of the neighborhood’s locals have lived in the area for many years, if not for most of their lives. This makes it easy to make life-long friends in Daniels Farm.

    If you are moving with young kids in your household, having a warm and tight-knit community to welcome will also help the kids get settled. And since people do not usually move out of the neighborhood, you might also be compelled to invest in a home that will be aligned with your long-term goals. Who knows? Daniels Farm might just be the place where you establish your family home.

  4. Daniels Farm is absolutely family-friendly.

    With great schools and an equally great local community, it is easy to see why Daniels Farm is also considered incredibly family-friendly. Additionally, there are also quite a few parks in the neighborhood, as well as kid-friendly attractions and outdoor spaces.

    Real estate options in Daniels Farm also seem to cater to the family. It is quite common to find spacious homes in the neighborhood, with most properties having as many as four bedrooms and ample outdoor space.
    All these attributes make Daniels Farm an ideal place to raise your family.

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Daniels Farm is just the tip of the iceberg. Learn more about Trumbull’s communities! Our Trumbull town profile has all the essential information about the town. And if you would like to learn more about houses for sale in Trumbull, talk to us today.

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