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Higgins Group is Number One in Sales Growth!

Creative Marketing leads to Huge Volume Increases in Local Markets

Jan. 9, 2012

Two years ago, one of our most vocal competitors published a bar graph showing how superior they were in comparison to everyone else (and naming all the other companies in town). The next week I pointed out in an ad that when 75% of the town would rather use someone else…is that worth boasting? From that point on, we were a microdot at the end of their future bar graphs that they do with their “statistician”.

Recently, we were supplied accurate statistics from Brokermetrics, an independent reporting firm. Turns out we are not a microdot and we are in the Top 2 in Fairfield volume and Top 4 in Westport volume. The best news is that we are Number 1 in growth in both towns, with an increase of business of 37% in Fairfield and 40% in Westport this year compared to last year.

Take a look at the differences in “our” bar graph! We are excited because it wasn’t long ago we were just one agent, one office and have now grown to 12 offices and over 300 agents. Our system is different from everyone else’s and obviously, it’s really working.

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