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Featured Neighborhood: East Norwalk

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Slideshow1East Norwalk is a coastal neighborhood located along the shores of Long Island Sound, bordered by the Norwalk River to its west, Interstate 95 to its north, and the neighborhood of Marvin Beach to its east.

During the early 1600s, the neighborhood was the site of Norwalk’s original colonial settlements. Later on, the land was purchased by Roger Ludlow, a former Deputy Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, from the Norwalk Native Americans in 1640. During the early 1900s, East Norwalk was integrated with several areas – South Norwalk, the Town of Norwalk, and the City of Norwalk – in order to form the present-day City of Norwalk.

What’s in East Norwalk?

    • East Norwalk is home to Veterans Memorial Park, a sprawling open space on a peninsula that’s the perfect venue for recreation and relaxation. The park features baseball fields, an expansive grassy area, and a boat launch.
    • You can find several tributes to Roger Ludlow in East Norwalk: the Roger Ludlow Monument, the Ludlow Shopping Center, Ludlow Manor Street, and the former Roger Ludlow School.
    • The 35-acre Calf Pasture Beach is the neighborhood’s most popular outdoor destination, with its majestic views of Long Island Sound and amenities that include sand volleyball courts, boat facilities, a skateboard park, a large guarded beach, and more.
    • Each year, residents of East Norwalk along with visitors from nearby areas attend the annual Norwalk Oyster Festival in Veterans Park. The festival celebrates the history of Norwalk’s oyster industry by featuring live performances, competitions, entertainment, and of course – a delectable plethora of oyster-based cuisine.
    • In addition to the famous Norwalk Oyster Festival, residents look forward to other enjoyable annual events such as the Memorial Day Parade and the annual 4th of July fireworks show at Calf Pasture Beach.

    To find out more about the city of Norwalk, take a look at our Norwalk Town Profile , or get in touch with the Higgins Group East Norwalk Office at 154 East Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06851.

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