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Loreta Daniene

Loreta Daniene REALTOR®

Loreta Daniene REALTOR®

As I look to begin a successful new career in real estate, I consider the qualities which are most important in a valuable agent. By placing myself in the shoes of a potential buyer, I can understand their desire for an agent who prioritizes the fulfillment of their expectations through personal connection. As a mother of two daughters who moved from Lithuania to Ireland to the United States, I can say with confidence that I would have benefitted from an agent with these qualities. It is now my goal to provide clients in today's competitive real estate market with the assistance they deserve. The Higgins group understands the amount of work, calculation, and planning that goes into buying and selling homes. Considering the importance of these types of investments, it is my goal as a representative to deliver quality results in a professional manner. I have gained a strong attention to detail after many years of experience working in the financial field; this skillset paired with my strong motivation to prioritize clients over all else will allow me to exceed their expectations and develop a strong reputation.


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