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Ian DeFronze

Ian DeFronze REALTOR®

Ian DeFronze REALTOR®

Ian DeFronze has over 15 years experience in all aspects of residential real estate. He started his career in residential construction, and moved on from there to purchase and renovate multifamily properties as well as build single family homes. He worked full time for over 10 years at a top real estate firm in New York city focused on buying and managing large multifamily rental buildings as well as coops and condos for renovation and flipping. With his multifaceted experience on the construction side and the landlord side, he is well equipped to find you the perfect home, while giving you a good vision of what the properties potential could be.

Whether it be an investment property or the perfect home for you. He has lived and breathed real estate for his entire career, from leasing commercial storefronts, leasing apts, purchase of homes and condos. Renovating homes and building new homes. Along with the physical aspects of real estate his experience with tenants and homebuyers has given him good insight into customer service and a vision for what people are looking for most when purchasing a new property.


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