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Add a Coastal Charm to Your Fairfield, CT Home

Coastal homes have their charms. The natural textures, the billowing silhouettes, and the light color palettes bring warmth and character to every room. Try out the following tips to bring the coast closer to your home.

  1. Painted ceiling beams and light-washed hardwood floors go great together.

    If your home has ceiling beams, add a gentle coastal touch to the whole space by painting it a light color (white or cream) that will enhance any kind of texture you’ll add in the room, such as rattan furniture and natural fiber rugs. If you’re willing to spend extra, replace your floors with light-washed hardwood, which will contrast beautifully with the ceiling.

  2. Flowing fabrics will bring softness and warmth.

    When shopping for curtains, go for light and flowing fabrics in neutral tones. Such materials will any space a subtle and yet modern coastal vibe. Make sure the length of the curtains are proportionate to the height of the ceiling and the walls for a balanced look.

  3. Go for natural materials.

    Decor and furniture made of wood and metal will give any room in your home the so-called “Coastal Contemporary” look. As a rule, if you’re looking to give any space a beachy vibe, natural materials will help you reach your goal. Driftwood is also a great material that will transform your home into a chic coastal abode.

  4. For prints, look for tropical designs.

    Add color and brightness to a clean coastal space by investing in a couple of items with a tropical print. Two accent chairs with such designs are sure to liven up any space. Rattan furniture also gives off a decorative tropical element. Just make sure not to overdo these design elements– the key is balance.

  5. Blues, whites, and greens will add a nautical flair.

    A tried and tested secret for a chic coastal home? Use blues, greens, and whites to great effect. Add throw pillows and decor with these hues and you’ll have a space that is relaxing and laidback.

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