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A New Approach to Marketing Fairfield County Real Estate

Marketing Connecticut Real Estate at the Highest Level

Jan. 3, 2012

Connecticut, is a state consistently ranked highest in per- capita income and noted for its exquisite countryside, elite communities, venerated heritage and celebrated citizenry, truly in need of the Higgins Group’s ability to market real estate at its highest level? to Rick Higgins, the founder and broker/owner of Higgins Group—with offices strategically sprinkled throughout Fairfield County, Connecticut—the answer is a resounding “yes”…but a qualified one. “Fairfield County doesn’t require as much high-level marketing as many places in America, but instead, is the most suitable market for world-class marketing,” explains Higgins.

To meet Higgins, one does not immediately grasp his legendary marketing ability, as he, without exception, steadfastly refuses to promote or market his own exceptional accomplishments and vaulted position within the real estate industry.

Instead, at every opportunity, all questions about his success are deflected in order to leverage his boundless enthusiasm for Fairfield County or his prodigious passion for and support of his 350 Fairfield County-based, high caliber sales and marketing professionals, and management team.

It becomes readily apparent that his quest to “market Connecticut real estate at its highest level” is never sidetracked by the need that many real estate companies seem to have to “preen in public.” With Higgins, there is no personal or corporate vanity in evidence as the focus is always on clients, consumers and their communities, and his associates, their families and their needs.

By all rights, Higgins—a college football player, Ivy League graduate (Columbia), former attorney in a real estate law firm, developer/builder of 200 homes in the tri-state area, and now, owner and leader of one of the country’s most respected real estate brokerages—should at least occasionally crow about his considerable credentials, but instead, references others. An example would be his relative, Barbara Corcoran, the iconic New York City real estate celebrity.

“Barbara is the lightning rod for any public attention that our family gets and deserves every ounce of her amazing fame,” says Higgins. Higgins believes his firm’s culture, which is geared toward deep human respect of all others along with achieving the ultimate in creative marketing, is congruent with Connecticut’s values as well.

“The Fairfield County market place epitomizes how individual and company success can only follow serving others first,” Higgins explains. “Nowhere in the world would you find harder working individuals willing to make sacrifices in their careers, and who understand the significance of creating value-added results for consumers and their clients. These individuals, residents and their families both recognize and appreciate doing business and being served by a real estate organization whose work ethic and dedication to the highest level of professionalism, and in our case marketing and results, matches their own core values. This is why many people refer to us as ‘Connecticut’s Luxury Real Estate Company.’ This connection by professionals whose expectation of excellence is on par with ours, has catapulted our company to where it is today.”

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