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The Higgins Group Advantage

Fairfield County is unlike any other community in the Northeast and quite possibly the entire country. While other communities build cookie-cutter subdivisions at alarming rates, Fairfield County offers buyers a unique, one-of-a-kind home-buying experience where finding the perfect house that represents that buyer’s personality is entirely possible with the right approach.

Higgins Group Real Estate is considered by many to be “Connecticut’s Luxury Real Estate Company.” With over two decades in the real estate business, Rick and Adele Higgins, founders of Higgins Group Real Estate, have fine-tuned their company’s ability to customize its marketing strategies to speak to the core values of Connecticut buyers and sellers. Properties throughout the woodlands, the countryside, and Dickens-style villages in Fairfield County require a nuanced, creative approach to connect buyers and sellers who appreciate the special nature of these communities.

Higgins Group Real Estate is able to do this because of its three-fold approach to hiring real estate professionals, which involves the following:

Higgins real estate agents take a family-first approach and truly love the community that they serve.

Rick and Adele only select Realtors who exemplify the core values of the company, which is mutually working together for the benefit of buyers, sellers, and investors involved in each transaction.

The Golden Rule motivates Higgins’ Realtors. Every Higgins’ agent treats clients the way they would want to be treated if they were buying or selling a property.

Innovative Marketing Strategies Keep Higgins One Step Ahead

Why is Higgins Group Real Estate the leading real estate company throughout Fairfield County? The answer is simple. The Realtors that comprise this team use every marketing technology available to expand their reach and illustrate the unique natures of the homes and Connecticut communities they represent. Whether it’s using Facebook’s Marketplace to reach potential buyers, utilizing aerial mapping, or creating innovative music videos to engender excitement, Higgins Group Real Estate agents go above and beyond for their clients.

Fairfield County CT Real Estate

Higgins Group Real Estate’s marketing strategies are cutting edge and have long proven to be successful. It is why the group has been a leading Northeast real estate agency for over 20 years. They demand success for themselves and for their clients!

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