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Katey Waddington

Katey Waddington REALTOR®

Katey Waddington REALTOR®

Having grown up along Long Island Sound, Katey Waddington, a Connecticut native, has a particular taste for the rich history surrounding its quintessential New England towns like Guilford, Lyme, Madison and more. She has taken a liking to the simple charm of its saltboxes, idyllic farmhouses, and iconic colonials. Many meandering backroads eventually spill onto main streets scattered with buzzing coffee shops, allowing the curious to peruse bookstores replete with novels galore and visit cheese shops brimming with tasty noshes. So many of these untapped towns found along the shoreline are conveniently close to New York City and Boston- just but a train ride or drive away. Escaping to Block Island, Fishers Island, or Long Island during the warmer months is a special delight and makes for a timeless summer tradition with friends or family.

Katey’s father, who grew up on Fishers Island, New York, moved to Waterford, Connecticut where he later built a log cabin and gentleman’s farm with draft horses, Mangalitsa pigs, Simmental, Charolais and Hereford cows, chickens, rabbits and the occasional roaming peacocks. It was there where Katey spent her storybook childhood, her talented mother teaching her the craft of working earnestly with her hands and creating beautiful arrangements with fresh cut flowers.


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